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    Website: http://www.pritchardautobody.com

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    Pritchard Auto Body
    171 Prichard Avenue
    Winnipeg MB R2W 2H7

    Phone: 204-582-3807
    Phone: 204-582-3800
    Fax: 204-582-8597
    Email: pritchardautobody@shaw.ca

    Pritchard Auto Body has been committed to excellence in quality and services for over 25 years. Our mission is to constantly improve the level of customer service by listening and understanding the customer's needs. We are determined to provide a positive work environment for our team of industry specialists and encourage individual growth and contribution . . .

    Pritchard Auto Body utilises the latest technology to maintain your vehicles in showroom condition. We guarantee all our workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on paint refinishing.

    As family run business, Pritchard Auto Body prides itself on providing the very best customer service and enjoys a reputation as the repairer of choice. The company has expanded to provide one of the highest standards of workmanship in Winnipeg. Whatever the model or make of your vehicle, trust in Pritchard Auto Body to render exceptional mechanic work every time you bring your auto to us. We can provide you with professional mechanic services even if your auto is imported! If you're worried about the cost, rest assured that we are a MPI accredited collision repair shop and give computerized estimates for your convenience.